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Below is a summary of a project to give you a feel for the diverse nature of our work in recent years.

Crowborough - New Dwelling

Project Background

Client had a fairly extensive garden plot of around 1.5 acres. They approached us with the idea of dividing their site into two plots and building a new residential dwelling on the divided section. Budget was £600K.

Problems Faced by the Client 

The site is located in an AONB with ancient woodland bordering it on one side. We had to secure planning permission to separate the site and build the new house in the divided plot. Planning was carefully negotiated by first securing outline permission to establish the principal of residential development. Working in an AONB can be planning-sensitive and we find it best to approach this in stages so we can build a relationship with the planners. 


The Tangent Space Solution

Our initial brief was for a barn-style structure, a style the clients were very keen on. However, the site was sloping and this didn’t lend itself well to a barn. The idea was developed at the concept stage and discussed with the planners to seek their opinion and input. They agreed a barn wasn’t the best option considering the site and size of dwelling required, which was a five-bedroom family home. Instead, we developed a subsequent design based on the Arts and Crafts theme, more sympathetic to the lie of the land and size of property.

The Result

We incorporated many local materials, including cut and split faced stone, handmade local bricks and clay roof tiles. On the outside, the house looked like vernacular architecture but it was built in a fabric first approach which achieved a low energy dwelling. New technologies and building materials were used in all aspects of the build, resulting in a home which now has very low running costs and energy needs.

The client is now living in the new dwelling and has sold the original house.

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