Cafe redevelopment in East Sussex

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Listed Buildings – Residential/Commercial

Period architecture is a passion for Tangent Space and we enjoy the challenges it presents. Having worked with oak framed buildings for many years, we have a deep understanding of how they can be best preserved and enhanced to be energy-efficient. Many technologies exist today that are well suited to allowing period construction to be low energy and sustainable. A building may have been around for many hundreds of years and we strive to ensure it is for many more in a responsible and environmental way.

East Sussex
Private client who purchased a grade 2 listed building on the High Street of a picturesque village. The building was in a state of disrepair having been unoccupied for many years. Securing listed building consent after a long negotiation process enabled us to create a great family home showing off some stunning period features. The project went on to win a highly-commended award by The Sussex Conservation Trust: remarked as being “visionary and a fantastic use of modern technologies in a medieval building”.

Client with extensive property portfolio had a grade 2 listed property consisting of individual flats that needed refurbishment. The works involved the complete overhaul of the common parts and the principal façade, including extensive structural works to the first-floor balcony which was no longer safe. We secured listed building consent for the works and managed the contract acting as contract administrator.

Commercial client operating a hotel in a grade 2 star listed castle approached us about designing a folly for their garden to be used as a wedding venue. We carried out negotiations with the Local Authority Conservation department and English Heritage due to the protected status of the castle. We secured consent and oversaw the specialist aspects of construction in reconstituted stone.

East Sussex
Private client with a grade 2 star listed dwelling adjacent to a period windmill, regarded as the finest example of a post mill in the county. We successfully secured planning for a sizeable extension to the existing oak framed granary building as well as a significant semi-underground wing, providing the principal family and ancillary annexe accommodation.

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